Gull Management and Control
Gull Management and Control

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Gulls have long been a feature of coastal villages and towns, they are now residents in many towns and cities throughout the UK, to a gull, roof tops and building are simply man made cliffs and many make ideal nesting and roosting ledges, in addition the wasteful nature of our society provides the gull with ample food, we are in effect providing bed and breakfast. Unless and until we remove the B&B facilities we will always have the gull problems.


I actually admire Herring / Black backed gulls, they have learned to take advantage of us and our wasteful ways. They in effect are doing to us, what we do to other species. I would not wish to see their demise and would not take part in large culls of adult birds, I understand and accept the need to ‘manage’ or control the gull problem in certain locations, and offer my control services to both individuals and businesses.


Before going into detail on the services I am able to provide, it is important that you are aware of the law as regards bird control.


Gulls in common with all other birds are protected by (The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981) law, making it an offence to disturb or harm either the adult birds, or interfere with eggs, nestlings or the actual nest whilst it is being built or used. Fortunately, the law recognises that gulls (and certain other birds) can cause problems that need to be controlled and under certain circumstances the government will issue licenses authorising individuals to carry out appropriate control activities.


Many reasons are given for wanting to control gulls, not all of which are acceptable reasons for a license to be issued and failure to adhere closely to the license conditions can mean a criminal prosecution.


With this potential minefield you need to be sure that eggs, nests, nestlings or indeed adult birds can be dealt with legally or you risk prosecution.


I hold a license ‘to kill or take any of the wild birds listed in sub-paragraph 2(i) to take, damage or destroy their nests or to take or destroy their eggs’.


Killing wild birds or destroying eggs, is not something to undertake lightly. Additionally, to have any long term effect the gulls have to be discouraged from nesting in the area, various devices are available and most are detailed within this website. I am able to offer advice on individual suitability and can install many of them, please ask for details.


The most common need for gull control revolves around either roof nesting gulls or gulls acting aggressively towards people, usually these two reasons can be linked together, i.e gulls will try to protect their eggs / nestlings against a perceived threat and if you’ve been struck by a gull you will already know the damage they can inflict, in fact two people in Britain have been recorded as dying as a result of Gull attacks!


Probably, the biggest single cause of gull related problems is caused by individuals whether through, innocence, ignorance or belligerence, feed gulls and often cause large numbers to congregate. Rather like Pavlov and his dogs the gulls initially respond to the human, however, I believe the roles are reversed after a short while...


A by-law should probably be introduced to prevent this sort of anti-social behaviour. If you are the victim of such thoughtless people, why not contact your local MP and counsellors to see what they can do.

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